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Pattern Recognition Society of Finland (Hatutus)

The Pattern Recognition Society of Finland (Hatutus) is a national forum for people and organizations working in research fields and applications related to pattern recognition. Related research fields include: The most important goals of the society are:
  • to bring forward new research results in related research fields,
  • to promote the utilization of new research results within industry and in the general society, and
  • to represent the Finnish pattern recognition community nationally and internationally.
The most important activities of the society are:
  • to organize the Scandinavian Conferences on Image Analysis (SCIA) conferences in Finland,
  • to award the best PhD thesis in the field of pattern recognition in Finland,
  • to organize seminars (1-2 annually), and
  • to participate in the activities of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) and in the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR).
Contact information

Mailing address:
Pattern Recognition Society of Finland c/o Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen
Laboratory of Signal Processing
Tampere University of Technology
P.O Box 527
33101 Tampere, Finland

Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen
Email: chairman@hatutus.org

Email: secretary@hatutus.org

Latest news

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Annual Meeting of the Society. Conference Centre Lasaretti, Oulu. More info

23rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition. Cancun, Mexico. More info

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