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Keilalahti by Antti Luukkonen

SCIA 2013 is organized in Espoo, Finland. Espoo is the second largest city in Finland and part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.  Finland resides in Northern Europe. Finland belongs to the Shengen area within the European Union.

The Helsinki area may be easily reached by flight, as the Helsinki-Vantaa airport  is directly connected to all major airports in Europe, hubs in North America (New York, Chicago) and many hubs in Asia (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Delhi). Consult the Helsinki-Vantaa airport home page for more information.

Public transport is reliable and quick. You can take the regular bus number 615 from the airport (cost: 5 €), airport bus (cost: 8 €), or a taxi. The buses take approximately 30-40 minutes to the Helsinki city center. Taxi from the airport to Hanasaari or to the Helsinki city center would cost about 40 to 50 €. There is no train connection from/to the airport.

Detailed information about the Helsinki-Vantaa airport can be found on the airport service map.  Information on how to get to the airport from Helsinki is available here: using a bus or using a taxi.


The conference organization has pre-booked hotel rooms at selected hotels in Espoo (Hanasaari and Otaniemi) and in Helsinki city center. You can book these hotel rooms with a booking code shown below. Please note that the pre-bookings are valid only for a limited time, and will be cancelled at some time after the early registration deadline (April 5).

The selected pre-booked hotels (reservation with a booking code) are:

  • Hotel Hanasaari, Hanasaarenranta 5, Espoo (conference & workshop venue)
    • Booking code: SCIA
    • Reservations either by email: or by telephone: +358 9 43502411
    • Prices: single room: 119 €, double room: 140 €
  • Radisson Blu Espoo, Otaranta 2, Espoo (near the tutorials venue)
  • Hotel Helka, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 23, Helsinki (city center)
    • Booking code: SCIA 2013
    • Reservations preferably by email:
    • Prices: single room: 120 €, twin room: 150 €
  • Sokos Hotel Presidentti, Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4, Helsinki (city center)
    • Booking code: SCIA 2013
    • Email:
    • Tel.: +358-20-1234 600
    • Prices: single room: 120 €, double room: 140 €
  • Hostel Academica,  Hietaniemenkatu 14, Helsinki (city center)
    • Booking code: SCIA 2013
    • Prices: single room: 65 €, twin room: 76 €
    • Triple rooms also exist but have not been pre-booked

Alternatively, you may choose from the list of available accommodation in Helsinki or in Espoo. More options for inexpensive hostel accommodation in Helsinki are also available.

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Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires by ninara


Please note that the Midsummer festivities begin in Finland on Friday, June 21, i.e. the next day after the conference. Traditionally, many Finns leave the cities for Midsummer and spend time in the countryside. Therefore some hotels and many restaurants and shops will be closed, and the Helsinki city center may feel abandoned.

Midsummer can be a special time to stay in Finland with the bonfires and the midnight sun. If, however, you prefer a more contemporary experience with e.g. shopping opportunities, we recommend spending time in Finland before the conference.