Instructions for presenters

Oral presentations

All oral presentations have a time slot of 20 minutes, including questions (15 min presentation + 5 min questions).

The auditorium at Hanasaari contains a data projector, a Windows computer (Adobe Reader, PowerPoint), and microphones. If you wish to use your own computer, please check the connection to the projector before your session starts.

If you only have presentation slides, then the best option is to save them as a single PDF document and with the help of session chair and assistants transfer the presentation file to the auditorium computer during the break before your session. If you have video or other special material, then the best option is to use your own computer, but then make sure that you check that everything works before your session.

Poster presentations

The poster stands are of size 97 cm (width) times 144 cm (height).

Each poster presentation has also a slot of one minute at a poster spotlight session. If you wish to show slides at the poster spotlight session, the slides (preferably 1 and max 3) have to be sent in advance to by June 7, 2013 in either PDF or PowerPoint format. The slides will be advanced automatically without any user control. If you don’t send any slides, we will display a generic slide containing the title and the authors of the paper for the duration of one minute.